Hopi Ear Candling

Certificate In Hopi Ear Candling


Hopi Ear Candling has been around for thousands of years in different forms, the benefits are under appreciated as people don’t understand how they can help.

Our course teaches you about how the candles can be used to help to improve various conditions your clients may suffer with such as Sinus Problems, Vertigo, Balance, Headaches, Migraines, Stress Relief and much more.

We teach you how to safely use the candles and get the most out of the treatments, for a lovely relaxing therapeutic treatment.

This diploma will provide you with all the knowledge, understanding and practical skills you require to provide a professional treatment.

The course is run over one day  made up of theory and practical skills enabling you to perform a full  treatment. You will then be required to perform the treatment on clients.

Classes are kept to a maximum of 4 ensuring lots of individual attention.


     Course Details

Entry Requirements: None

Cost: Deeside £150   


  You can now pay for this course directly online by Paypal or Card payment via our Book a

  Course page. Alternatively a deposit of £50 can reserve your place,the balance is then due 14

  days before the course starts, please contact Melanie on 07511861457 if you wish to reservce a



If you have a professional tunic we would like you to wear it, if you don't then you can wear loose trousers, a plain black tshirt with a tabard over the top if you have one and flat comfortable shoes covering the toes.

Your hair if long should be neatly tied back and your nails should be short and free of nail varnish.

Please bring any course booklets that we have sent you and you may also like to bring a pen and notebook.

What you will learn:

  • Health Safety & Hygiene - Learn how to perform the treatment in a healthy safe environment

  • Consultation Skills - The best way to obtain information from your client whilst ensuring their confidence in you as a therapist

  • Contraindications - Learn why you should not treat a client or adaptations you may have to make to the treatment.

  • Principles of Hopi Ear Candling - Where it came from and how it works.

  • Benefits - Uses and benefits.

  • Products and equipment required  - Learn about the equipment and products needed to perform treatments.

  • Methods - Perform a complete professional treatment on a client including a facial drainage routine.

  • Aftercare & Homecare Advice - Advise your clients how to look after themselves after the treatment and in between treatments.