Holistic Courses

Holistic Therapy Courses

Holistic Therapy involves treating the whole person mind, body and spirit when

performing treatments.

As a Holistic Therapist you will provide treatments to enable your client to live a more balanced lifestyle improving their health and wellbeing.

Holistic therapies are formed around the body having a vital life force or energy. If this energy is flowing freely then there is less chance of unbalance or disease.

When we get stressed or overworked our bodies energy gets unbalanced and you start to get ill this is your bodies way of saying slow down and take a rest.

Holistic Therapies help the client to prevent this and restore balance allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

What Our Students Say!!

Really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere as I was nervous having never done anything like this before. Tuition and support is superb, would totally recommend Cheshire Beauty Academy.

Cathy Kitchin from Chester, Holistic Therapy Diploma

Very enjoyable course with very small groups therefore more personal supervision and support,

would definitely recommend. 


Pauline Trainer, Hot Stone Massage